Butcher Knife

This Butcher's knife's handle was separating from the knife and may have spent too much time submerged in water...something that no knife should be subject to. We replaced the handle with an African hardwood, cleaned up and sharpened the blade.


This machete was rusted and needed a new handle but the owner was insistent that he wanted to keep it so we freshened up the steel with a better-than-new edge and rehandled it with African hardwood.


These knives came in for a little spit and polish to clean all the scratch marks on the knife and to give it a better-than-new factory edge.

Henckel Knives

These two Henckel knives are the same, only the bottom one has been repeatedly sharpened incorrectly along its edge resulting in a change in the blade profile.


Cattaraugus Knives

Cattaraugus was an early 1900's knife manufacturer from Up State NY. The bottom one has been repeatedly incorrectly sharpened during its 100 yrs. of use. They remain in my personal collection of vintage cutlery.


Meat Cleavers

Sharpening a cleaver can be an intimidating task. One of the difficulties is that meat cleavers come in many different styles and construction. This results in different sharpening techniques being required.