Are cheap knives worth sharpening?

Definitely! Cheap knives are often made of quality steel. Many of these knives have stamped blades that are mass produced and their edges are finished by machine. They will never get the results that a knife smith can achieve. Popular brands such as KitchenAid, Cuisinart, Chicago Cutlery, and Calphalon are absolutely worth sharpening and will come back to you sharper than they were when they were brand new.

What types of knives do you sharpen?

• We sharpen most kitchen knives such as chef’s knives, paring knives, meat cleavers, serrated bread knives, and more! We sharpen all types of steel (stainless steel, carbon steel, Damascus style steel)

• We also sharpen outdoor knives such as Swiss Army style knives, folding knives, hunting and fishing knives. We work with all major knife brands and store brands

• We sharpen single bevel knife

• We do not sharpen micro-serrated knives, swords, daggers and blades for power tools such as meat slicers

• You can find out more details about what we sharpen on the header.

The tip of my knife has come off- can you fix this?

Of course! Our talented knife smiths will create a new tip, shortening the blade as little as possible. We charge a maximum of $10 per blade for all blade repairs and will contact you for approval before we start the repair.

The Blade of my knife is bent- can you straighten it?

Absolutely! If the tip of the blade is extremely bent, we might have to cut a new tip. Extremely bent blades might never go back to being 100% straight after sharpening, but they will be fully usable again. The repair of extreme bends might result in slight hammer marks on the blade. If the bend in your knife is excessive we may have to charge up to an additional $10 per knife for the knife smith work involved in straightening the blade. We will contact you before any repairs occur.